• Louisiana-Gumbo

    Louisiana Gumbo

    Gumbo with Shrimp, Oysters, Andouille Sausage and Chicken

  • Bananas-Foster-French-Toast

    Bananas Foster French Toast

    French Bread, Sliced Bananas, Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and Toasted Walnuts with Foster Sauce.

  • Thanksgiving-Turkey-Croissant

    Thanksgiving Turkey Croissant

    House Made Spicy Turkey Breast with Turkey Stuffing, Cranberry Relish, Smoked Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Basil Mayo, and Fresh Arugula

547 Saint Ann Street New Orleans, LA 70116    (504) 587-0093

Chef Scott Boswell, Owner and Executive Chef of Stella!, invites you to enjoy a new dimension to all day dining in New Orleans. At Stanley, Chef Boswell serves classic New Orleans comfort food with a unique twist; food that Chef Boswell not only loves to cook, but loves to enjoy himself.

Conveniently located on historic Jackson Square, the view from Stanley’s provincial yet elegant dining room provides a beautiful backdrop of St. Louis Cathedral and downtown New Orleans. With all day breakfast and brunch, delicious sandwiches, a soda fountain, house-made ice cream desserts, and The Stanley Burger there’s something guaranteed to please anyone’s tastes in this charming French Quarter locale.

Stanley is the brainchild of Chef Scott Boswell. Since opening his flagship fine-dining restaurant, Stella!, in 2001, he entertained the idea of a more casual counterpart. Even before he had a location, Chef Boswell imagined a menu—a menu of traditional American comfort food with a twist. Though construction had not yet begun on Stanley, Chef Boswell set his plan in motion. Anticipating what he believed would be the best hamburger ever, he instructed his staff to save and grind all excess tenderloin steaks at Stella. In preparation for the opening of Stanley, Stella’s staff ground, portioned, and tested numerous incarnations of Chef Boswell’s now popular burger. One day they found the perfect blend and The Stanley Burger was born. With burger in hand, the push was on. Chef Boswell could hardly wait to unveil Stanley to New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina changed everything!!!

One week prior to Katrina pummeling New Orleans, Stella had begun a major renovation. However, after August 28th, 2005, all that remained of Stella was a vacant, demolished, and unrecognizable hole in the wall. With Stella’s staff scattered across the country, and no restaurant to reopen, the only option was—obviously—open Stanley!

With only a handful of employees, his mom, her charcoal grill and a coveted police-issued hat—which allowed him access into and out of the city—Chef Boswell began serving burgers even before New Orleans was open for public re-entry. Since Stanley was the first restaurant in the city to offer made-to-order food, it was an instant hit. Serving more than five hundred burgers a day to emergency workers and media was Stanley’s way of supporting the city’s valiant attempt to nurse itself back to life. With neither utilities nor a constant source of supplies, it was hard to keep up—but Chef Boswell and his team persisted non-stop, for fourteen long days and nights. After two weeks passed, it was time to stop, reevaluate the situation, bring everything up to code and open for real.

Current Employment Opportunities

There are no jobs open for this location currently.

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stanley@chefscottboswell.com (504) 587-0093 Stanley Restaurant
547 Saint Ann St.
New Orleans, LA 70116

Open Daily 7am to 10pm | No Reservations